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Saint Isidore the Farmer 
Feast: May 15
Born c.1070   Died: May 15, 1130 
Canonized: March 12, 1622 by Pope Gregory XV 

St. Isidore the Farmer was a simple man of the earth, who attended the daily Catholic Latin Mass and demonstrated love of people and animals by his many acts of kindness and mercy. Isidore spent Sundays and holidays visiting the churches of Madrid and nearby towns. He offered food to those poorer than himself, and often did not eat himself until they had finished. Following his death, King Alphonsus of Castille had a vision of Isidore in the Pass of Navas de Tolosa during a battle with the Moors in 1211AD. In the vision, Isidore showed King Alphonsus an unknown pass that enabled his men to flank the Moors position and defeat them. Already Patron Saint of Madrid, Pope Pius XII declared Isidore Patron of farmers (in the United States of America). In 1947, he was proclaimed Patron of the National Rural Conference in the United States.

Saint Isidore was born of poor parents in Madrid, Spain during 1070AD. He farmed the fertile land of John de Vergas, a wealthy Madrid nobleman, throughout his adult life. Isidore married Maria de la Cabeza, a girl as poor as he, who bore him a son. The son died early in life, and afterwards they lived in perfect continence. She too became a saint.

Isidore was deeply religious, and would rise early to attend daily Mass, often at Churches dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Known to pray while working in the fields, he spoke daily to his guardian angel and the saints. Coworkers sometimes complained he was late because of lingering in Church. Once his employer, John de Vergas, accused Isidore of neglecting the farm and Isidore replied, "I know, sir, that I am your servant but I have another Master as well, to Whom I owe service and obedience." Later Vergas saw two strangers plowing for Isidore with a team of Oxen and realized they were angels who were helping Isidore make up work missed while at Mass.

John de Vergas grew to love Isidore and offered him riches. Isidore declined, asking the money be given instead to the poor for whom he had great love. Once, when he had invited some poor people to dinner, he was able to satisfy them all with the portion of food that had been saved for him. On another occasion during a hot summer day, he made water spring up from the ground by striking it with a goad-stick, thereby quenching his employer's thirst.

Isidore was also concerned for the welfare of animals, making sure the Oxen and other animals he worked with were treated well. Once while traveling to the mill, and upon seeing several birds cluttered in the snow suffering a lack of food, opened his sack of corn and emptied out half for them. He continued on to the mill, where he found the sack full, and the corn produced twice the normal yield.

Survived by his wife Maria, Isidore died May 15, 1130AD and was buried in the St. Andrew cemetery. Later his body, still incorrupt, was moved to the church and given a place of honor.


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